There we go again

Sunday, September 16, 2007 at 22:39 | Posted in Freedom of speech | 1 Comment

There are apparently muslims who think that islam is too weak to be joked about. That I have hard to understand. If you can not take a joke targetted at what you believe in, one might ask if your faith is not too weak.

I made the same point last year as much of the muslim World was shocked about innocent cartoons that appeared in Jyllands-Posten. The aftermath of those cartoons has barely faded away and now another cartoonist, Lars Vilks, and another editor, Ulf Johansson in Nerikes Allehanda have been imposed a dead threat by a terrorist and self declared religious leader in Iraq. One would think that there is enough trouble as it is in Iraq without interfering in what newspapers as far away as in Sweden may or may not choose to print.

Both Mr. Vilks and Mr. Johansson are saying at this video clip that they are not afraid and rightly so. If one religion seeks to be recognized as a universal code of conduct, there is nothing even resembling freedom of religion or freedom of speech left in the World. With all due respect, exercise your religion as you see fit but do not interfere in others’ right to exercise or not excercise what they believe in.

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  1. Uskonnonvapauden rajat

    Lukiessa viime päivien uutisia tulee väkisinkin mieleen, että myös Suomessa on minun muistamanani aikana langetettu vankilatuomio jumalanpilkasta. Onpa viimeiselle rauhan aikana mestatullekin oheisrangaistuksena tuomittu sakkoja mm. pyhärauhan ri…

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