Good and bad options

Wednesday, September 19, 2007 at 23:51 | Posted in Estonia, internet, wifi | 2 Comments

As I sailed from Helsinki to Tallinn this morning, I was on line through the on board wifi during all of the voyage. I even recorded a short video, uploaded it and posted it to my Estonian blog. There are electric outlets allover the ship so I did not even have to consume my battery to stay on line.

Since I had four hours in Tallinn before taking a train to Tartu and the train was supposed to have a web connection, I figured that it would be smart not to consume the battery for reading my e-mails in Tallinn. Otherwise I might run out of power during the two and a half hours in train. Unfortunately, though, the train’s connection was off due to a technical failure.

So I did not read my mail during the four hours in Tallinn, for which I had plenty of time and free wifi spots would have been available allover the town. In addition to that I spent another two hours and a half in a train without a working wifi. Which means, of course, that my inbox was loaded as I finally made it to Tartu. Luckily I have a free wifi right here in my hotel room.

My situation is ideal up to Saturday morning. I can use the web as much as I need to in the hostel and recharge my battery while I do it. Then I can go downtown for the day and log in practically everywhere to return to the hostel in evening to recharge my battery and stay on line.

But my problems are going to start early on Saturday morning. There are two trains serving the Tartu-Tallinn line on weekends. Both of them are supposed to have wifi but one of them apparently does not. And I do not know which one of them is going to be on track in the morning as I get on board.

All of this is of course not such a big deal. Just a small annoyance when things do not work the way you imagined they would. I know that a 24/7 access to the web where ever you happen to be is something that people in many other countries could not even dream of. But since Estonia just happens to be the country in Europe where access to the web is regarded as essential as access to clean water or electricity, you tend to get sour when your plans to stay on line do not work.

I’ll just enjoy things as they are and prepare for a positive surprise on Saturday. Being cut off would no longer be a surprise but something I actually have to take in to consideration as an option.



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  2. You seem like a smart battery/wifi user. That’s cool. I was just in the US and it didn’t matter where I was – San Francisco or Philadelphia – getting on-line (and it not costing me out the butt) was a pain in the butt.

    Nice vid on the boat.

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