Another spam scam

Thursday, September 27, 2007 at 8:26 | Posted in Akismet, internet, spam | 1 Comment
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I have noticed a spam scam these last couple of days which is disguised as job announcements. The most annoying part is that Akismet seems to let those comments through. The reason for them being able to fool Akismet may be that the comments are targeting fairly recent posts and their bot seems to be clever enough to include key words that loosely match with words in my posts.

Most of the spam comments are in English but I have also seen a couple in German. The URL of the alleged commenter is which is a certain sign that somebody is building search engine visibility to a site to be launched soon. In other words, a traditional spam scam is being prepared.

A WHOIS query placed one of the comments in Malaysia but that does not need to mean anything because the botnet probably consists of infected computers of innocent people. When do people learn to protect their computers?


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