High crime and misdemeanor

Saturday, October 13, 2007 at 10:34 | Posted in USA | 5 Comments
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In his Martin Luther King day speech last year Al Gore never explicitly mentioned the constitutional I-word but there is no mistake about his message: the president of the United States is guilty of high crime and misdemeanor. It is such a long time since I used to hear him speak as the vice president that I had almost forgotten the best of his preacher tone.

This speech alone makes Gore worth the half Nobel he was awarded. The danger he calls is real, not only in US but here in Europe as well. The Internet recognizes no borders and boundaries which is why all of us are effected.

It is a long speech but if you have an hour and five minutes to spare, please take the time.

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  1. I am very glad to see you’ve posted this. It is an important speech.


  2. I take it that you’re also favorable to Gore’s winning the Peace Price together with the UN Climate Panel. I’ll definitely have a look at the speech later, as I am one of those who don’t feel the need to critisize the Peace Price Commity for giving the price to Gore.

  3. Gore is worth the award, no doubt about that. There are others who are equally worth it. I am foremost thinking of President Ahtisaari who has dedicated his life for promoting peace and has great achievements in the area (independence of Namibia and most recently his involvement in Kosovo and much more). However, all distinguished persons and organizations can not be awarded at the same time and it is the privilege of the Norwegian Parliament’s Nobel committee to make the call.

  4. […] and will be impeached if he is caught telling a lie about his private sex life whereas a president telling a lie about illegal and unconstitutional unauthorized wire tapping of citizens could have a fair chance […]

  5. […] W ja toisetkin luistamaan vastuustaan.  Siihen liittyen kehotan katsomaan Al Goren viimevuotisen Martin Luther King -päivän puheen, jos sattuu olemaan tunnin verran aikaa […]

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