Iceland and Norway on top, Ertirea at bottom

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 at 3:54 | Posted in censorship, Freedom of speech, Journalism, Press freedom | Leave a comment

Reporters Without Borders have issued a new World ranking of press freedom. It shows Iceland and Norway sharing the top position of countries with most press freedom, followed by Estonia, Slovakia, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Ireland and Portugal.

The worse situation has been detected in Eritrea. The runners up (or should I say runners down) are North Korea, Turkmenistan, Iran and Cuba. Commenting the bottom rankings, Reporters Without Borders said:

“Even if we are not aware of all the press freedom violations in North Korea and Turkmenistan, which are second and third from last, Eritrea deserves to be at the bottom. The privately-owned press has been banished by the authoritarian President Issaias Afeworki and the few journalists who dare to criticise the regime are thrown in prison. We know that four of them have died in detention and we have every reason to fear that others will suffer the same fate.”

The oragnization is also concerned of the situation in Burma and China (6th and 7th from bottom respectively). In view of the 2008 Olympic games, imprisoned Chinese journalists are not likely to be released soon. In Burma, the junta seems to have determined to hang on which is likely to rather increase than ease restrictions of free speech.


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