To call or not to call

Wednesday, October 17, 2007 at 3:04 | Posted in Canada, Election, Politics | Leave a comment

BBC suggests that the Canadian PM Stephen Harper may be bluffing with his statement that the tories would rather go on with their minority government till 2009 than call an early election:

Mr Harper, meanwhile, has said publicly that he would rather continue governing without seeking a new mandate until 2009.

But some commentators have suggested Mr Harper could be bluffing. They suggest he could be tempted to fight an election now – and that he could achieve this by including an unsupportable legislative item – a so-called poison pill – in the throne speech.

Opinion polls suggest that liberals might do bad and conservatives relatively well if an election were to be held within 2007. So if Mr Harper is bluffing, the liberal leader Stephane Dion may not want to call the bluff.

Regardless of who calls what, the probable outcome of a possible election could be more or less the same as the present: no party with a majority of their own. Given the situation, I see as the only alternative to the tory government that liberals and new democrats would make a deal of a coalition in case neither of them gets a majority of their own but they would have a joint majority or close to that.

The question is if they have balls enough to call it and accordingly vote out tories to force an election.


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