Feds not likely to read this

Monday, October 29, 2007 at 4:09 | Posted in USA | 1 Comment

The introduction to an article in USA Today reads as follows:

If you’re reading this posting via the Internet, chances are you don’t work as a special agent or intelligence analyst at the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Apparently, only a third of FBI personnel have a personal computer connected to the Internet on their desk. One third is scheduled to be hooked on next year. However, they are able to access the web if they really really want. They just need to stand in line:

“They do have access to the Internet. We have stations within field offices that people can go to to work at but we don’t have access at everyone’s desk,” he adds.

Makes me remember the days back in the early 1980’ies when I was working in a bank in Sweden. We had one terminal connected to the customer data base for about 20 employees to share. If you were lucky you may have been able to check an account the same day. If it was really urgent you stayed after hours.

At this day and age I have hard time understanding how somebody can get any serious work done without access to the Internet every second. And I am not likely to understand it any time soon because chances are very small that somebody in the FBI would see this post and explain me.

via Compyblog and Heise on line


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