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Laurie Kendrick’s Memory Lane TV post inspired me to dig the deep holes of my memory to discover what I used to watch back in the old days when I still watched TV. The trip back did not bring up much that I would really miss but these fractions of my TV watching history go back to my childhood in the early 1960’ies. There is also some not quite as ancient material but only one show that is still in the air in the 21st Century.

The Virginian is definitely a western I used to watch as a kid. This intro dates back to 1962.

As long as we are talking about westerns, Bonanza was on my screen as well.

And so was High Chaparral later on.

In the law and order department, The Untouchables is an absolute classic.

At a bit more mature age I watched Hill Street Blues.

Towards the end of last century I also had my eye on L.A Law.

In the screwball category my absolute favorite was Get Smart.

Talkning about screwball, every kid in our neighborhood watched every episode of Batman. We also had Batman suites and toy cars and just about every item somebody was shameless enough to sell us.

The last American show I used to wath during this millenium was West Wing although I missed almost all of the last production season.

And finally, we are at the present. As you may or may not know, terrestrial analogue TV transmissions ended in Finland for two months ago and I was determined not to buy a digital box. My sisters bought me one as a birthday present but I took it back to the store and changed it against a vacuum cleaner. That damned thing is still waiting that I get an inspiration to remove it from the purchase package but that is another story.

So even if I wanted to I could not see anything from the local TV but I am still able to watch the Estonian TV some 60 kilometers across the Gulf. Õnne 13 is a satirical show featuring the everyday life in Estonia. It has been running from 1992 or 1993 and the number of episodes is close to 400. And I have seen every damned episode which is why I can not imagine of a Saturday evening without tuning in ETV at half past eight in the evening.

This is the trailer of the opening episode for this season. It was on the air for a week ago so I have so far seen two episodes this autumn.


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  1. kiittää te, Larko!!!!!!


  2. Thanks for the inspiration, Laurie. I would probably not have remembered half of those shows without the impulse to dig in my memory. 🙂

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