Tbilisi Summit 2007

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Two Estonian Members of Parliament, Marko Mihkelson and Silver Meikar are currently in Georgia participating in Tbilisi Summit 2007, a conference reviewing the perspectives of building Europe’s east. Both MP’s are posting from site in their blogs in almost real time.

Silver Meikar wrote this morning that he arrived at the Parliament House yesterday evening right after a peaceful demonstration with about 3000 participants had dissolved. He spent a good half hour talking to some of the demonstrators still at the spot. A senior citizen told him that he has no major objections against the Georgian government’s policies but he did not like their decision to postpone the election. Also, corruption in the government is a major problem.

A major oppositional demonstration was scheduled for this morning with anticipated anything between 10.000 and 100.000 participants. The peaceful demonstration of yesterday gives hope that no violance would happen today either. Silver has heard from several sources, including Estonian diplomats in Tbilisi, that Georgia enjoys press freedom and media coverage of the events in the country is as balanced as can be expected.

Marko Mihkelsson wrote yesterday about a bizarre incident in Abkhazia. The Russian so called peacekeepers attacked, detained and physically abused members of Georgian police force. This footage of World News Australia has more details about the incident.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

from www.youtube.com

Back to the conference, all public sessions are being streamed live in the Internet. I just watched live coverage of a working session entitled Energy and Security in the Global Era.

Mr. Pavel Felgenhauer, Defense Analyst of the Russian magazine Novaya Gazeta summed up the topic neatly pointing out that Russia has spent billions of dollars in huge pipeline projects that do absolutely not make any economic sense. He concluded that energy projects exclusively serve political goals of the Russian administration, one of which is binding up Russian regions with a belt of pipelines, thus seeking to prevent the empire from collapsing.

Next working session to be streamed is New Thinking to Solve Old Conflicts at 16.00 Tbilisi time, 1200 GMT followed by the closing session at 17.15 local time, 1315 GMT.


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