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Saturday, November 3, 2007 at 23:37 | Posted in Blogosphere | 4 Comments

Folks, I do not like what is see here:

The absolutely funniest blog of the Universe has the least number of votes in the Funniest blog category of the 2007 Weblog Awards. I made my case for Laurie a couple of weeks ago and it is not just me. Laurie Kendrick’s blog was recently awarded as the blog of the day.

Fortunately, folks, the race is not over yet. You just go here and cast your vote. You can vote for Laurie once a day until 8th November. Theoretically, you could also vote for the other blogs but trust me: you would not want to do that!



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  1. Larko,

    You made me cry. You are so sweet! Thank you so much!!!!

    I can’t believe someone nominated my blog and then I learned that it made it into the finals!! I am humbled and flattered. But the other nine blogs are older and more established. My little effort just turned seven months old on Halloween.

    And I refuse to campaign for this, too. Pride? Maybe, but I’d like to believe that my blog would be considered funny based on it’s own merits as opposed to the popularity contest. .

    Votes are nice–titles are nice too but I’m already a winner with loyal readers such as yourself.

    I am touched. Thank you!

    Laurie Kendrick

  2. Laurie, you do not need to be around for a long time to be good. If that were the case the established order would never change and thus no development would happen.

    Why would you campaign for the award? No reason to do so because it is in the eye of the reader. While I am pretty sure that the gap is just a little bit too wide to be caught up by November 8th, it is my privilege as an advocate of free speech and democracy to speak my mind. The majority vote would be less legitimate if there were none of us who voted for the other guy and as we did so for what we believed to be right, the due process of democracy will eventually have taken place.

  3. Thank you, Larko.

    Not only are you a friend and a supporter, you’ve also reminded ,me of how much I’ve forgotten from my High Schoool Civics courses. I need as refresher course regarding the Democratic process. Living in a free Democratic environment allows one to take it for granted all too often. Rather a sad state, don’t you think?

    Sniff…sniff. I smell a future post.

    Comedy and humor are subjective. One man’s comedic fruit will be another man’s comedic candy. I am lucky that you get me. I am honored to have you as a reader.


  4. Sure, one man’s sarcasm could be another’s treason. The good soldier Svejk was a great humorist of the early 20th century but there were some distinguished Austro-Hungarian officers of law who wanted to hang him for that. You either get the fruit or you do not but explaining why a banana is tastier than an orange would be fruitless.

    Citizens like you and me may forget what democracy is all about until somebody demolishes it in the name of the national security, fighting terrorism, in the interest of their portfolio or just to pay back to their mother-in-law. Hitler was regarded as a clown until too many people stopped laughing at his jokes and considered voting for him as a good idea. Afterwards they never needed to bother because the option of voting either for or against him no longer existed.

    Another post? Are you serious? Why just one? Let us make plenty of them! ūüôā

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