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Sunday, November 4, 2007 at 0:26 | Posted in Blogosphere, Legal | 2 Comments

Content thieves never seem to run out of methods how they can exploit the content created by bloggers. Thomas has a problem with a scrupulous Monsieur and now I seem to have gotten somebody riding on my back whose method may not be formally illegal.

This unperson seems to have made about 10 posts so far titled with the headline of one of my posts and the title of this blog. The judicial beauty is that the contents of those posts is random rubbish but each of them link to a regular spam site when clicked from Google Reader. Thus, I can not make a claim of my post being reproduced, just that my good name (that of my blog) is being abused to get search engine attention to a trash site.

Legal advice is appreciated although I may be late to pay due to legal problems I am currently having outside the web.



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  1. I think your headline thief is just one of those idiots participants in freepay.com’s pyramid scheme. There must be a referrer-ID in one of all those forwarding links. Find it and ask freepay.com to kick him!

  2. Thomas, another round of 10 posts just appeared. A WHOIS inquiry suggests that this bastard gentleman would be a Mr Chang Chang in the city of Changchung in the province of Jilin in the country of China. Interesting that the Great Firewall of China only seems to work one way. They keep truthful information and expressions of free opinion outside China but do not make much of an effort to stop shit flowing out.

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