TypeKey does not work

Thursday, November 8, 2007 at 6:57 | Posted in Blogosphere, internet, Web tools | 9 Comments

Does TypeKey identification have a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Jaanus changed his comment policy for understandable reasons: all of us bloggers are familiar with the ever increasing amount of spam comments and not always do we have time to install appropriate tools to cope with the problem. So Jaanus took the temporary step of allowing comments by signed in Type Key users only.

This inspired me to get myself a TypeKey account, something which I have been considering to do for a while but did never bother because there was no immediate reason to do so. So I created the account, confirmed my e-mail address and even updated my profile. I then went back to Jaanus to test my brand new TypeKey account.

As this screen shot of my second attempt to post a comment shows I was sigend in when writing the comment. But that does not seem to count. This is the error message I received on both attempts:

So either there is a bug in TypeKey or I am failing to see something obvious. Not a big deal per se but when you take the trouble of creating an account you would sort of expect that it worked for the purpose you created it.


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  1. I was drinking a beer tonight, savoring my abject defeat in the Weblog Awards and was wondering, how in the hell is Larko???


  2. Thanks for asking, Laurie, I am also having a beer or three. And I just used my last chance to cast a vote for you. Or to be quite specific, I used both of my two last chances, one from each of my two computers.

  3. So THAT was you….thanks Larko.

  4. did you get the change to read today’s post?

  5. Not only did I read it. I also dropped a comment. No TypeKey account required. 🙂

  6. […] TypeKey does not work bei More shameless remarks by Larko […]

  7. […] A couple of weeks ago I wrote that my brand new TypeKey account failed to identify me as I was trying to enter a comment. […]

  8. Sorry for all the commenting trouble. It may very well have been broken on my side and I’m looking forward to fixing it sometime when I get a break from school.

  9. No problem, Jaanus. As you can see in the trackback, I managed to get in a comment in your Estonian blog so the damned thing works after all.

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