Kucinich and Gravel at my field quarter

Saturday, November 10, 2007 at 19:47 | Posted in Election, entertainment, Politics, USA, web tests | 6 Comments
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I spotted at Chawed Rosin an image of the political compass scores of each of the US presidential hopefuls. Since I happened to take the very same test the other day through my Facebook profile, I inserted my own score (Left/Right: -3.50, Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.82) into the same image. This is how I seem to compare to the candidates:

Looks like Mick Gravel and Dennis Kucinich are the only two of the bunch who manage to place themselves at the same field quarter with me. I was no longer surprised for the outcome since Kucinich also topped the result I got from both Candidate Calculator and Presidential Candidate Selector. As for Gravel, he was close to top in Candidate Calculator but somewhere in the mid region in Presidential Candidate Selector.

As usual I want to point out that this sort of surveys should only be considered as web entertainment. I would never consider casting a vote according to a survey score (even if I had one in this particular election). That said, my interest in these two fellows has been awaken.


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  1. Hello Larko,

    I had the same experience with these political calculators. My personal score was well toward the lower left-hand corner. However, I much prefer Edwards to Gravel as a candidate, in fact I find it difficult to decide whether I prefer Kucinich or Edwards as a candidate, while I certainly haven’t been very impressed with Gravel. I think this is because, aside from their political philosophies, how I perceive their personalities makes a big difference in whether I think they could succeed as president.

  2. Edwards was number 4 in my Candidate Calculator score but as low as 11th in Presidential Candidate Selector. I have not observed Gravel at all but I guess I should take a look at where he stands with issues important for me.

  3. My test showed that I wouldn’t fit in anywhere within American politics. It doesn’t come as a surprise….

  4. Then again, Geir, I would not give any of those candidates much of a chance to be elected as the PM of Norway, which ever party they would choose.

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  6. […] time I did the Political Compass Test was a bit more than three years ago. This is the result I got back then, together with coordinates of then US presidential […]

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