Statements I do not believe

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 at 11:07 | Posted in meme | 6 Comments

Geir started an interesting meme about statements you hear that you do not believe to be true. You should list seven such statements and pass the meme to three bloggers.

Since I was one of the three Geir decided to pass his meme to, I listed seven statements that I do not tend to believe:

1. Web privacy is something for crooks and villains and an honest citizen has nothing to be afraid of.

2. I shall never drink alcohol again.

3. I did not have sex with that woman.

4. Read my lips: no new taxes.

5. Your passwords are save in our server.

6. My party is never going to accept this proposal.

7. You are such a nice guy.

I am passing the meme over to Thomas, Tiia and Kati.



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  1. Here’s one for Thomas: ‘The heating will be working this afternoon’.

  2. I quite agree that he would have hard time believing that one. 😉

  3. tere õhtust muidugi !
    vaatan mina, et mis imelikku kanalit pidi need inimesed mu blogisse täna kappavad ja olged lahked, jälle aga hakka meemitama.. vaatan, kuis jöuan,et ühesõnaga siis väited, mida suust päästad,aga ise ka ei usu neid, nii või? 🙂

  4. Tee aga siis kui aega on. Pigem oli juttu teiste ütlustest, mida Sa uskuma ei kipu.

  5. […] 20, 2007 Korjasin Larkolt laheda meemi üles. Mõte on selles, et tuleb kirja panna seitse väidet, millesse sa ei usu, ning siis anda pallike […]

  6. Statements I do not believe / Aussagen, die ich nicht glaube

    Larko hat ein Stöckchen geworfen, bei dem es darum geht, sieben Statements aufzulisten, die ich nicht glaube…

    1. Eine solche Maßnahme wird ausschließlich auf Antrag des Präsidenten des Bundeskriminalamtes und auf Anordnung eines Gerichtes erfo…

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