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Friday, November 30, 2007 at 4:50 | Posted in civil rights, democracy | 1 Comment
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Borin in Cambodia has received a letter from upstairs. It is a notice from the authorities telling him to be present at the airport and cheer the Burmese dictator who is arriving for a visit. Apparently, 1000 citizens have been “honored” with a similar “invitation”.

Borin is less than enthusiastic to comply:

To me Burmese leaders is not in the position where people should give respect, but they are just a gang of criminals, who will do every thing to hold on to power. Help me: Should I join them or not?

That is a hard question, baring in mind that Borin may very well face persecution for not showing up. While I am in no position to advice, I want Borin to know that he is in my thoughts whatever he may decide to do. And since it is appropriately Friday, I am going to put on a red shirt.

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  1. ūüôā acutally i don think there are any serious consequence if i don’t show up.. It is just funny that gov tell people to go to cheer those dictators.. Thanks for echoing my messages

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