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The voting in Russian Far East has already begun and within a few hours polls will have opened allover Russia. There is little or no doubt about the outcome. Mr. Putin’s party is going to get a majority either by honest or dishonest means.

While my command of the Russian language is close to nothing, I was able (with a little help from my friends) to get the general idea of this video clip (via Estonian MP Marko Mihkelson). It is an electoral ad of the Russian oppositional party SPS basically calling for a vote against a new person cult and resurrection of the Communist Party.

As Mr Mihkelson points out in his blog post, SPS is highly unlikely to make the seven percent barrier to get any seats in the parliament. In fact, one of the few open questions in the Russian election is whether any party at all, other than that of Mr. Putin, is going to get MP’s elected. It also remains to be seen, or rather speculated, how much the government is going to put effort into forging the result.

Oil and gas export makes up two thirds of the Russian exports. Since the World market price of crude oil has been quadrupled since Mr. Putin took office, he has had no problem with the economy. Most Russians do not seem to care that their freedom has gone as long as pensions and salaries are being paid on time.

Most of the main stream media in Russia is under a strict government control which is why most of the critical opinions are being delivered by the Russian blogosphere. In a country with relatively low Internet penetration the opposition has the chance of a snowball in hell to campaign on equal terms with the establishment.

You may also want to read a review of the oppositional blog The Other Russia which I wrote yesterday evening in Blogwatch.eu.

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