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Thursday, December 20, 2007 at 8:44 | Posted in Estonia, languages | 3 Comments
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The German clothes retailer New Yorker recently opened a store in Tallinn but failed to recruit local personnel, Estonian TV reports. Most of the sales persons speak fluent German and wooden English but no Estonian at all. After a number of customer complaints the governmental Language Inspection detected that only seven of the 21 employees are capable of serving customers in Estonian.

The New Yorker store apparently opened before recruiting suitable local sales personnel. The Language Inspection issued an injunction saying that New Yorker must bring their operation into  accord with the Estonian Language Act by tomorrow.



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  2. I can halps you?

    Das deutsche Bekleidungsunternehmen New Yorker hat einen Laden in Tallinn (Estland) eröffnet, dabei aber versäumt, ausreichend inländisch sprechendes Personal einzustellen. Nach einer Reihe von Kundenbeschwerden hat die Sprachaufsichtsbehörde festg…

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