Pot growing boom in Britain

Tuesday, December 25, 2007 at 9:46 | Posted in crime, great britain | 2 Comments
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Diane Abbott writes in a column in the Jamaica Observer that commercial cannabis production in Britain has rapidly increased. The domestic pot industry is believed to fill in a supply gap caused by a cannabis eradication programme in Morocco. Some police sources suggest that Britain may even have become a net exporter of cannabis.

The pot business in Britain is largely controlled by Vietnamese immigrants. A connection with illegal immigration is believed to exist. Nobody knows exactly why the Vietnamese managed to gain control over the business.

Busting the pot factories is a low police priority because it consumes a lot of their resource badly needed to combat more serious crime. Given that smoking cannabis is less damaging than drinking alcohol, one might ask what point there is to prohibit pot. A legalizing would be a serious blow for organized crime, not to mention the tax revenue it would bring in.


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  1. This post show bad information about cannabis and the effects it has on you. Alcohol makes you intoxicated but it goes over. Cannabis makes you intoxicated, but you become lazy and more zombie-like in the long run…

  2. I did not say that smoking pot is good for your health (although it is used as a pain killer in treatment of serious medical conditions). I just said it is not more dangerous than drinking. I hope you are not seriously denying that alcohol has more negative effects than just a temporary intoxication.

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