Collapsing governments

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 at 17:25 | Posted in Sweden | 22 Comments

It is not a big surprise that the Zimbabwean government has lost control of the country’s economy and is virtually at the brink of a collapse. The inflation rate is 8000 % and there is a shortage of cash which the government is trying to address by printing more banknotes (sic!). The result is too easy to guess: an accelerating inflation.

More surprisingly, I learn that the Swedish government is unable to guarantee public safety in a single suburban subway station in Stockholm. The subway station of Rinkeby is closed on evenings since Christmas Eve because the police and private security guard firms fail to cope with a bunch of youngsters terrorizing subway passengers with fireworks rockets. Can you take seriously a government which can not even establish control over a single subway station?



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  1. Det är helt galet att man stänger ner en station för att man inte lyckas hålla ordning på kiddsen!. Vad detta ger för signaler i framtiden får vi se då….men inte är detta bra. Tredje part blir drabbad som vanligt igen…


  2. I read that the police etc went to the station, but they did not manage to do anything about this problem. How is this possible? Put these non-Christian kids in jail, or send them back to Africa/Persia, now please!

  3. Johan, the religion or ethnical background of the kids is not an issue here. The issue is that the police and ultimately the government are unable to establish control over the station and thus guarantee the public safety.

  4. Larko, ask the firefighters of Malmö and Landskrona, the police in Göteborg and Malmö, if those crimes usualy are commited by Swedes, or imigrants. In a singe station of firefighters in Malmö, they have a whole wall of rocks, with tags naming date and adress where that rock whére trown at them.. And those adresses tell the truth of there own..

    Stop lying and hiding the truth and facts.. People have the right now know what Sweden would be like in the future, if noone stop this madness..

  5. Dear Sven-Olof! While Sweden may have failed with integrating immigrants, the ethnic background of these hooligans still is completely irrelevant.The relevant issue is that members of the public using transport services have a reasonable claim of safety which the government are unable to provide them. A rocket fired at you is equally damaging regardless of ethnicity of the person who fired it.

  6. I am a swedish man who has lived 20 years with a woman from outside of Europe. These 20 years has showed me the other side of the swedish crone with diskrimination and humilation of people from other country´s. I have lived and worked in Rinkeby three years but we moved from there to another place one year ago. Why did we move? Not becauce of the nice and friendly people living in Rinkeby from all corners of the world. We moved becase we had troble with burecrats and politicans who wants to rule Rinkeby like a third world country without any human rights.
    If you as a burecrat, politican or police wants respect from the people living in places like Rinkeby, Rosengården, Skärholmen, Södertälje and so on with many people from other parts of the world, you have to rule them like the rest of Sweden or Stockholm.
    Of course there is no problem to take controll of a subwaystation, if the police and privat guard wants to! But do they want? And what about SL? Do they want to punish all “black-heads” by closing the subway station, and not send extra busses? Unfortenly I think the last alternatives is correct, based on my own experince!
    Because me and my sambo hade a similar experince in Skärholmen subway station only a months ago. There was a robbery in Pressbyrån by a youth-gang. But that we lerned only after waiting for half an hour in wain for the subway to stop in Skärholmen. When we lerned what happened we were informed by the ticket controller that we hade to walk to the next subwaystation! Why? Because SL did not want to put in any extra busses, just like now in Rinkeby!
    No to my point! Could the same thing that happened for us in Skärholmen and now in Rinkeby happen in for instance Östermalm´s subway station? If a youth gang attacked Östermal subway station with fire rockets?

  7. Lennart, you are getting close to the point which is that the government has given up, thus questioning the integrity of the country. The rule of law must be equally enforced in all places and on everybody. A government failing to do so can not be considered to be in charge. It is extremely dangerous to consider some places as ghettos where law and order do not apply. It is almost certain to backfire as increasing lawlessness and disorder.

  8. Norrlänning men nu i stockholm + fd FN soldat OCH väldigt berest i världen med en fin jobbtittel + chefsjobb i Stockholm….

    Larko sluta skriva strunt…

    Vad kan man säga mer ÄN sänd dit piketbilar + Millitär som rensar upp bland blattepacket, för jag antar att det är dessa som står för huvudelen av bråket.!?

    Det är bara struntsnack om att vi misslyckats med integrationen, vi i Sverige är ett föredömme i världen på detta, UTAN problemet är att dessa dj blattar som bråkar:

    1: Inte VILL bli något här i livet, utan bara spänna runt å bråka…antar att deras släkt är av samma dj skrot å korn som inte kan leva ett normal liv…sett många av dessa agera fin fint under mina FN updrag….

    2: Vill ej läsa (dett TROTS att Sverige är ett av världens bästa länder att göra detta i på statens bekostnaad)

    3:Anser att det är Svennarns fel att dom själva inte kan bo i fina hus, köra fin bil, ha snygga modekläder etc….dom förstår INTE kopplingen att min färäldrar SAMT jag slitit hund för att komma dit jag är idag, NEJ dom ska ha en grattis biljett på en räkmacka till allt NU….

    Orkar inte skriva mera…..så dj less på detta så det står mig i halsen…MEN den dagen jag eller min familj blir hotade/skadade eller så av dessa gäng…ja då kommer det att kosta något för DJ för dessa gäng….kan lägga mycket tid + pengar på detta om det behövs…var så säker på det.

  9. Janne, jag är nyfiken! Hade du samma rasistiska inställning när du blev antagen som FN-soldat? I så fall finns det något mycket allvarligt fel på antagningsprocessen! Eller har du blivit bitter av dina erfarenheter som FN-soldat?

  10. Janne, you are actually unwillingly proving my point: failure to restore the order is going to backfire in lawlessness.

    It is your right and privilege to call my argumented opinion rubbish. However, it tells more about you than about me.

  11. Its quite obviuos that the swedish gouverment’s failure to establish law and order in some of the suburbs around our grater cities is giving air to rasism. Personally I could not care less in which country the kindergarten gangsters’ parents where born, the real disgrease is that the swedish police force can not handle a bunch of kids. Probably the police is just to lacy. Its sad to see comments above aming their anger onto the kids rather then the grown up swedish sociaty that don’t even try to do its job.

  12. Personally I could not care less in which country the kindergarten gangsters’ parents where born, the real disgrease is that the swedish police force can not handle a bunch of kids.

    Amen. (Spelling errors aside, that is. ;-))

  13. Larko, you have right!
    But the process of “lawlessness and disorder” is already here! With different inoffical “rules” for areas like Rinkeby and Östermalm! For instance one time my sambo wanted a young girl to respect the rules in “tvätt-stugan”, but she answer her with, “Ah! Don´t you know this is Rinkeby!”

    Why has it became so in Sweden? May be it has been so in Sweden for many years? Germany were forced to make autocritic over the nazi background. And the other colonial powers like Great Britain and Holland were forced to similar autocritic over their colonial past. But in Sweden there has not been a similar official auto critic over Sweden´s past disrimination and racist history…

  14. Lennart, in short term it is no doubt more convenient for a government to ignore problems rather than address them but in a long term it is bound to make the problems worse. Yes, double standards and lawlessness do already exist but they are going to get even worse if nothing is done. The mob is not likely to lay off if the government ignors them rather than taking action.

  15. I grew up and lived in Tensta until recently. I have seen how things just get worse and worse. The politicians who praise the “open borders” policy have IMHO destroyed the country forever, and there is now way the “reverse” the process. Integration? Well, I made my contribution, lived here for a couple of decades, time for those who from safe distance always tell “we can take more of them”, “we can afford” etc. to relocate out to these suburbs and get a reality check!

  16. In my experience things only marginally improved during the 90’s in these densely populated suburban areas witha high percentage och less fortunate peolple and lots of immigrants (like Rinkeby, Tensta, Rosengård etc), from a really bad situation during the late 80’s

    Now the tide has turned again, with more violence and less control. I can partly see why the law enforcement odesnt want to bring in too much force – they do not dare to risk a riot.

    BUT: Why has it come to this ? Things should have been under control much earlier. When 90% of the population let these gans rule, and the police doesnt do anything on a daily basis – where will it stop ?

    Maybe we have to make a strong statement now before it escalates even more !

    And i also think that we should put extra efforts with patroling police etc in these areas, to give the people there the courage to stand up, when they know that there are always some local policemen with local understanding of the gangs etc nearby ? Not as today when they close the local police stations and you need to talk to them by phone or cam !


  17. “But in Sweden there has not been a similar official auto critic over Sweden´s past disrimination and racist history…”

    It’s hard to lead a conversation about this subject cause Sweden is too politically correct nowadays. People don’t dare to speak there minds even though everyone can see there’s a problem.

  18. dave,
    Do you mean that I don´t dare to speak out what I really think? I mean every singel word that I said, including my statement you mentioned and I do not ignore that threre´s a problem! Who is going to censur you? No´t me!Speak out man..

  19. Is this a joke?? Are you blind? Everyone with a little brain do see and understand that this kind of problems only exists in the suburbs, where almost no Swedish people live. So YES, the fact that they are not from Sweden is apparently the issue here. It´s all about etic and moral. In Sweden we all learn about that from when we´re very young. So we know that it´s really not ok to shoot someone with fireworks. With the Swedish laws and extremely naive thinking, of course the police cant´t do anything about this. Just think for gods sake!!

  20. Anon,
    Are you talking to me? If it so, I am not blind! I have lived and worked in Rinkeby in different periods, together more than 20 years. So I think I can see quit clearly what has happened and what´s happening in places like Rinkeby and Rosengård. Yes, I have seen that there is problems with youth and even adults not following the same inoffical rules like in for instance Östermalm.
    For instance youth with quick EU-mopeds making it dangerous to walk on side ways for adults and no respect for rules in “tvättsugan”. Two years ago I have also been attacked in Rinkeby in the night by some masked youths who beated me and tried to steale my videocamera! But I did not became a racist because of that frigheting experience!
    Because I can see that the problem is not an etnic, etic or moralic problem, but a socioeconomical problem. And I think the problem more comes from the top than from the bottom! With the top I mean burecrats, politicans and house companies ruling Rinkeby! I don´t think that etnical “swedish” youth gang generally has much higher moral and etical values than “immigrant” youth gang! It think it has more to do with common male teenager frustation and hormones and they are shared equally over “etnic” borders! But if you squeeze cat´s or rat´s they can explode regardless if they black or white!
    So, you see I am not blind! I mentioned Östermalm also. Don´t you think that the police and privat guard had not finished their work until they had secured the subway station in Östermalm? And would SL close Östermals torg and not send any extra busses to replace the subway?
    After this debate started Ali Esbati on his blogg made the same comparision like me with Rinkeby and Östermalm! He said”Hur troligt är det på en skala, att man stängt av hela Östermalmstorg eller Karlaplan flera kvällar under en långhelg, om snorungarna hade varit fulla brats som sprutade champagne på folk?”

  21. […] is in charge in Sweden? I wrote yesterday about a suburban Stockholm subway station being closed on evenings since Christmas Eve […]

  22. Man tar sig för pannan och häpnar när alla ropar på polisen, att de ska agera såsom dagisföreståndare som ska omhänderta snorungsbuset som aldrig lärt sig räfst och rättarting. Det är i huvudsak förälderns uppgift att i hemmet ska barn från ett tidigt ålder lära sig hur man beter sig ute bland andra. Beter man sig som ett odjur så blir det omedelbara konsekvenser. Varför ska det falla på polisens arbetsuppgifter att passa andras snorungar? Klarar inte föräldrarna denna uppgift? Tänk om polisen fick chansen att verkligen beivra brott istället för att leka dagisfröken?

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