Violence spreads across Pakistan

Friday, December 28, 2007 at 21:26 | Posted in democracy, terrorism | 4 Comments
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As I see it, Benazir Bhutto was the only hope for Pakistan to reach anything even resembling democracy. Her assassination served the interest of those who would rather have terror and chaos than freedom and democracy.

While I understand the anger of the people, I must put the question if looting, demolishing cars and setting up fires is the best way to express that anger. Is that what Mrs. Bhutto would have wanted? Ultimately, the accelerating violence is in the interest of those who murdered her. There must be more peaceful and sensible methods for the people to speak up their mind.

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  1. I thoroughly agree with you here. There is just one thought niggling me: Why not leave the area to itself, letting themselves burn out the fires. What good is our involvement?
    But then a thought agaist: Did’t we try that path in Cambodia and Rwanda?
    It’s a complicated world.

  2. No doubt would it be an option to consider unless violence and terror had a tendency of spreading. Unless events in Islamabad and Lahore are properly addressed they will sooner or later be repeated in London and Paris, eventually also in Stavanger and Helsinki. No problem is a local problem at this age.

  3. The price of globalization as they say. And one of the moral prices, is that you can’t stand and watch unjustice is passing by. It’s just judging what’s just and unjust.

  4. I remember that a Pakistani blogger wrote during the Muhammad cartoon riots that if somebody is convinced that they absolutely need to express their feelings by demolishing cars, demolishing their own car would be a good option. I must admit there is something in that statement.

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