The first hangover

Friday, January 4, 2008 at 2:49 | Posted in Alcohol, Personal | 4 Comments

It took me eight fucking hours to get rid of this year’s first hangover. I did not even get that hangover from a new year party. I was sober 36 hours in to the new year.

At the new year’s eve I did not have a drop of alcohol in the house. Since the clowns that have been given the authority to act as legislators here have in their unlimited wisdom decided that no commerce is allowed on new year’s day, I was unable to buy any booze before January 2nd. By noon I had a large quantity of vodka and beer and I made use of my constitutional right to get drunken.

It was as nice to be a drunken sailor this year as it was last year and all my adult years before that. I eventually ended up sleeping in my bed as I usually do. I went to bed alone but woke up with somebody who was not here when I hit the sack. I had a hangover.

So the first words I said after waking up were “Vade retro, Satana”. Did the bastard listen and comply? No way.

Having used my constitutional right to buy alcoholic beverages in an amount covering not only my need to get drunken but also my desire to get cured I started to make arrangements to get rid of my uninvited guest. I drank several rounds of vodka. I also emptied a number of bottles of beer. I had a steady breakfast of grilled sausage, potato salad and eggs. But the bastard would not go away.

I was almost out of any hope. After about eight hours and still feeling hung over I happened to read a blog post written by my good Texan friend Laurie. She named me among a number of persons allegedly having helped her to get 100K page views to her blog. While I felt I had little to do with that accomplishment I still decided to raise a toast of vodka.

And that very shot turned out to be the killer of my hangover. Thanks, Laurie!

Now I am somewhere in between. No more hung over but not yet drunken. Should I hit the sack or drink ahead? Suggestions are appriciated but not necessarily fulfilled.


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  1. Combine the two Daddy…and drink in bed.

    Prepare your liver, Darlin’…I swear I’ll be Estonia bound sooner than later.

    Thanks for everything, Larko!

    Happy New Year!!

  2. Kendrick, you would not want me to wet my bed, would you? I think my liver is just about tuned up to meet you up at Helsinki International airport and then cross the gulf to Tallinn. ūüôā

  3. I can only congratulate you and wish you well both with your hangover and the new year. May the blog prevail!

  4. Thanks, Geir. The hangover had lost the battle by yesterday. I was even temporarily sober for visiting my nephew who had his fifth birthday on New Year’s Eve.

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