Happy birthday, me!

Monday, January 7, 2008 at 18:16 | Posted in Blogosphere, Personal, WordPress | 7 Comments

Right at this moment at 18.16 this blog celebrates the two year anniversary of its birth. The first post was made on January 7th 2006 at 18.16 local time. The current post is number 913 to be published so I guess I have gotten used to the WordPress platform by now.

I never expected this blog to be a “best seller” in the international blogosphere and that did indeed not happen. The total number of page views at the minute of the exact anniversary is just slightly above 77.000. The best day ever was May 11, 2007 with 1576 views which is the same as more popular blogs may have within less than an hour. Nevertheless, this blog has somehow managed to gain some authority in Technorati.

The most read single topic is connected to the German TV comedian Atze Schröder a.k.a. Hubertus Albers. On a more serious note, my posts about the German blogger Moni being intimidated by Transparency International Deutschland still get quite a lot of hits, much thanks to TI-D’s disputed lawyer and ethical council Jürgen Marten who appears as a frequent search argument googled to land at this site. The most recent top post is from January 1st this year: Bhutto: Osama bin Laden murdered. As I was wondering why this particular post was so popular I found the explanation in the high Google ranking of the post.

While the blog as a whole is far from being a top hit, it has brought me lots of contacts allover the World. My posts have been more or less regularly read and occasionally referred to in all continents of the Globe, possibly with the exception of Antarctica. The number of good people my paths have crossed with thanks to this blog is too large to post names but I guess they know who they are. Thank you all!

The blog has been a channel for me to post uncensored about loads of topics that the traditional media is either uninterested in or would not publish without major editing. It has also brought me motivation to keep in touch with a larger scope of issues and events than I may otherwise have had my eye on. That brings me closest to a New Year resolution I would ever announce: this blog is never going to be a single issue blog.

My sincere thanks to all readers, be they regular, irregular or one time visitors. Special thanks to everybody who has bothered to write a comment. And a very special thank you to Akismet for having cleaned off 108.168 spam comments.



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  1. Happy Birthday, you!

  2. Thank you, you! 🙂

  3. glückwunsch 🙂

  4. Grab the beer, Christian!

  5. Happy you, Birthday. Oh wait there’s something mixed up 😀

  6. Could very well be a mix up but I did certainly not put vodka in your glass of water. 😛

  7. well then it might be because I’m feeling quite tired. So I’ll just drop off to bed.

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