Need a virtual vacation?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 at 14:22 | Posted in internet | 2 Comments
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Who would not like to have a short brake and take a trip to another town? A short vacation is ever so refreshing. But if you do not have time to actually travel somewhere you might want to take a virtual vacation and visit Larkovere.

Larkovere is a virtual town I just founded in My Mini City. To develop the town I need more inhabitants and to get more inhabitants I need people to visit the town. So if you want to help me make Larkovere a better town and take a virtual vacation at the same time you are welcome to pass by. And while you are in town, why not drop a line in the Larkovere News Bulletin.

The current population is 3 which is just too small to build any industry.


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  1. […] der Stadt wächst diese weiter. Dass die Mädels sowas abfahren, war zu erwarten. Aber Du Larko?!? Tags für diesen Artikel: […]

  2. […] possibly make. In a comment I agreed that the founder of a virtual town, such as Larkovere, (see my earlier post) has little or no influence on the development of a town. Having now surfed around in My Mini City […]

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