Hustling with appearances

Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 14:17 | Posted in Blogosphere, internet, Personal | 2 Comments

It is not that I wouldn’t have had anything more important to do but I just did not have the energy to get anything useful done. Which is why I decided to make myself look busy by hustling with petty little details of my web presence. It is a close to useless activity but still better than just lying on your back and spitting to the ceiling.

To start with, I changed my avatar picture in a number of communities. Then I changed the header of my WordPress blogs. They now display another version of my face which may become handy in frightening away children and elderly ladies.

Since all of above is just mechanical uploading I decided to renew my “visit card” at At least I got to write some simple HTML which helped me stay awake. The result looks almost acceptable in my laptop screen and less than acceptable in the larger desktop screen.

All of this pointless hustling with appearances gave gave me a perfect excuse to write this pointless blog post. Now I am too tired to do anything useful but not tired enough to take a nap. Which is why I probably have to find something even more pointless to do.


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  1. It was about time. I was a bit worried that innocent children would stumble upon your pages, but they should be scared off now.

    Hustling details on blogs is a dangerous thing to do. Once started, you’ll never be satisfied, and all your energy goes into nothing. Just look what happened to my blog. All bones, no meat.

  2. I have had the default skin in all of my WordPress blogs all the time and the only thing I changed was the header. I am more or less happy with them as they are. Major changed would require hosting in my own virtual server which I am not going to do at least for now.

    You are just being modest. I have found some juicy bites of meat at your blogs. ūüôā

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