Have any sensitive data?

Friday, February 8, 2008 at 4:12 | Posted in civil rights, USA | 1 Comment
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Do you have any sensitive data in an electronic device like a laptop or a cell phone? I sometimes do as I think do most of us. I am making an effort to store everything of importance in secure servers but it happens all too often that I forget to delete something from the hard drive of my laptop.

If you cross a US border there is a chance that your cell phone or laptop may be searched or even seized by the border control officers. I have never crossed a US border and am not likely to do so but the thought of my laptop being poked by a border controller makes me feel sick. It is like x-raying my brain and reading my thoughts.

So what should you do if you are frequently travelling to and from US and need a laptop for your business? In such a situation I would have my data in servers as I have it now. I would need to have two computers: one in US and one outside. I would upload and access whatever I need to where ever I happen to be and make sure not to leave copies on hard drive.

I would leave my laptop in a safe location in or outside US and not carry any electronic devices with me at the border. I would certainly not be 100 % safe that way either but it would make me feel hell of a lot better.

Not even Hitler and Stalin could be quite sure they had access to most secret thoughts of citizens but now those thoughts are not protected against insight of the very government that successfully fought Hitler and Stalin and everything they stood for. When did this happen? Just wondering.


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