It is either McCain or Obama

Monday, February 11, 2008 at 4:55 | Posted in Election, Politics, USA | 1 Comment
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This is not about my preferences in the US presidential elections. I have yet to make any preferences. This is a bold prediction: Clinton is out.

Hillary may win the democratic nomination but she is not going to be the next president. After Maine the delegates are said to be 1135-1106 for Hillary. The nomination could go either way.

If Clinton gets the nomination she will no doubt have an increasing effect to turnout of female voters but that is nowhere close to the boost that Obama on the ticket would have among African American voters. A real chance for a first time to have a black president would be what is needed to tip the balance of what is going to be a hair raiser election in November.

No intention to offend Mrs. Clinton and her supporters but it is my evaluation that she does not have what is needed to beat John McCain in November. So it is either McCain or Obama and the initial decision will be made in democratic primaries and caucuses.


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  1. Here’s some thoughts on Obama at:

    Come over and read and let me know your thoughts on this new fresh up and coming charismatic guy with no faults.
    Thanks for your time.

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