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Sunday, March 16, 2008 at 4:46 | Posted in social, web 2.0. | 1 Comment
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Michael Arrington writes (via Vesa) that Facebook has taken serious steps to fight application spam. A growing number of application developers are using the annoying tactics of forcing users to send invitations to their friends when signing for an application. I have also on several occasions been denied results of a quiz I have taken because I did not want to spam my friends with invitations.

A group against forced invitations has quickly collected more than 95.000 members, Yours Truly among them. I also made an exception from my policy of not signing web petitions. This petition is worth signing because it has already made a difference: Facebook has started to send letters to bad behaving developers saying that they have been temporarily restricted from using the invitation feature.

This does not, of course, solve all of the problem but it is a good start. As from now, I am officially a fan of “Petition Against Forced Invites” application.

I just wonder when all those quiz results screwed from me are going to be made available.


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