1000th post

Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 10:12 | Posted in Blogosphere, Personal | 4 Comments

This is the 1000th post in this blog. I posted the first entry on 7th January 2006, i.e. two years, two months and 23 days ago. That makes an average of 1,23 posts a day but the frequency has steadily increased which is why I suspect that another 1000 is not going to take as long to write.

These 1000 posts have collected 1937 comments, hence an average of 1,94 per post. Akismet has caught the amazing number of 121.191 spam comments, averaging to 121,19 per post! I am glad that they were caught and blocked by Akismet as it would have been a huge pain in the bottom to delete all of them manually. Goes to show that if nobody else, at least spam bots appreciate the existence of this blog.

I am not going to link to the most read or commented posts as those are not necessarily what I consider to be the best. As the case often is, many entries that I consider to be of some value have not attracted much interest of the general surfing public. What can I say? Blogging is not a popularity contest but a personal experience.

The number of categories I have blogged is 103 and there are 457 tags. That is a promise I can easily make and keep: I am going to cover a wide range of topics also in the next 1000 posts.

I wish to thank everybody who has – regularly or occasionally – read and/or commented my posts. That said, spam bots are kindly requested not to renew their visits. Everybody else is welcome back.



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  2. Danke! 🙂

  3. Happy 1000th… 1001st!

  4. 1001st is already done. I’ll raise the toast somewhere between 1005th and 1010th.

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