LiveLeak pulls off Fitna after threats

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Fitna is not a “politically correct” film. It is a very controversial film with a statement that can be agreed or disagreed with. Whether we agree or disagree with Geert Wilders’s staement, everybody must have the right to watch Fitna in order to make up the mind of their own.

If only “politically correct” statements were allowed, there would be no freedom of speech as acceptable and unacceptable would be defined by those who claim the right to say what is “politically correct”. Nobody has the right of imposing their views on others, nor the right of preventing others from expressing their views. That is the only limitation to freedom of speech: everybody is entitled to speak up their mind as long as they do not seek to prevent others from doing likewise.

Attempting to block somebody’s opinion being heard is despicable. It is even much more despicable to threat with violence in order to make somebody else shut up. Tolerating views that contradict our own opinion goes together with living in a free World.

After receiving serious threats against members of their staff LiveLeak have decided to pull off Fitna. As they say in their official statement replacing the film: “This is a sad day for freedom of speech in net”.

The Internet can obviously not be censored. The film is never going to disappear, how much those cowards will ever threaten service providers. It is currently up in YouTube and elsewhere.

So here is the YouTube version. Should it be taken down, there are more places to see the film. I have a copy on my hard drive and another one in my server. I am certainly not the only one to has secured it.

Edit: As could be expected, the film has been removed from YouTube. Here is a copy hosted elsewhere.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Geert Wilders – Fitna“, posted with vodpod


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