No cake at school

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Oteha Valley School in New Zealand reportedly banned birthday cakes, referring to NZ Ministry of Education’s new National Administrative Guidelines. Just to check out if this could be April fools news I downloaded the school’s newsletter (.doc file) at their web site. It was apparently no joke: the newsletter, dated 2nd April, says:

Birthday Cakes and Sweets

The tradition in taking a cake or sweets to the preschool centre on your child’s birthday has moved into schools over the past few years. However, the Ministry of Education’s new National Administrative Guidelines for healthy eating will not encompass birthday treats. The new NAG states that the Board of Trustees is required to:

  • promote healthy food and nutrition for all students; and

  • where food and beverages are sold on school premises only healthy options can be made available.

Schools throughout New Zealand are required to rethink everything related to food in their school. Marmalade Café is working with us now to alter the Friday lunch menu so that it fits within this new framework. We still love to celebrate your child’s birthday with them but, as from the beginning of Term 2, please do not send any food to share with the class.

As NZ Herald reports today, other schools in New Zealand do not follow suite. Fortunately for their students, other principals do not seem to take government’s regulations more seriously than they were intended.

By the way, how come are they only justifying their Friday lunch menu to the new guidelines? Is it OK to eat what is considered to be “unhealthy” from Monday to Thursday?


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