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Tuesday, April 15, 2008 at 17:11 | Posted in Web tools | 3 Comments

Here is a tool for mapping the European countries visited so far. It makes 22 countries or 43 % of the countries. I have to admit, though, that some of those, such as Slovenia and Croatia, were not independent when I was there but I have been in their present territory. Likewise, there is at least one country (East Germany) which I visited when it was a country but is not now. The colored territory is hugely misleading: One single visit to St. Petersburg paints all of Russia (including the enclave of Kaliningrad) red.

via Barbara

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  1. Isn’t the United Kingdom one single country? But it is marked in red only partly.

  2. In this quiz England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are separated. The Channel islands do not appear on the map.

  3. […] 16, 2008 Haa, Larko mant leidsin sellise laheda kaardi, kus suurelt ja punaselt saab ära märkida, millistes Euroopa riikides keegi käinud […]

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