Prodi bought by Gazprom?

Monday, April 28, 2008 at 15:34 | Posted in corruption, eu, russia | 4 Comments
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Estonian MP Marko Mihkelson refers to the Russian paper Kommersant which suggests that the outgoing Italian prime minister Romano Prodi is going to be offered a lucrative job as a board member of the company projecting to build the pipeline South Stream. Gazprom director Andrei Miller is going to meet Prodi in Rome today.

Gerhard Schröder was unable to resist the temptation when he was ousted as chancellor of Germany by the German people. Buying up Prodi would be even a fatter catch for the government run Russian oil mafia. Not only is Prodi a former Italian PM, he is also a former president of the EU commission.

I hope that Mr. Prodi is not for sale. It would be a serious blow for anything even resembling a common EU foreign and energy policy. Romano Prodi is rich enough as it is and he can make all the money he needs without selling his integrity to Russia.

Update: Prodi has apparently refused the offer. I am glad to note that not everybody is for sale.



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  1. Prodi was offered a job as the director of the Gazprom-Eni common enterprise, but refused, Russian and Italian media report today.

  2. Sorry, “chairman” in English…

  3. Thanks, Kalle. I just heard the same in Estonian TV news but did not have the chance to update.

  4. […] põrunud ekskantsler Gerhard Schröderile pakkumise, millest ei saanud ära öelda. Sama kontsepti prooviti ühtlasi valimistel lüüa saanud Itaalia peaministri ja Euroliidu komisjoni eksjuhi Romano Prodi […]

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