Heard of winter tires?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008 at 6:22 | Posted in traffic | 7 Comments
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The summer is almost knocking on the door and this year we had a winter that never really took place but on the whole we usually have a real winter every year which also includes slippery road conditions. I do not know where this video clip has been shot but it must be somewhere where snow and icy roads are not a regular feature. Apparently these drivers have never heard of such a thing as winter tires.



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  1. Well, here on the west coast of Scandinavia winter never took hold – until March, when it took hold about twelve times, as a newspaper pundit explained it. But winter tires, who really needs them….

  2. Winter tyres are mandatory here and there is a reason for it, similar to that seen in the video clip. ūüėČ

  3. I feel compelled to confess that this footage is from my hometown of Seattle, where, as you correctly guessed, it rarely snows.

    I grew up in a town where everyone who drives learns to drive in the snow, and have been shocked many times by the carelessness and ineptitude of Seattleites who try to drive in the snow without any snow tires or chains and haven’t the foggiest idea how to stop or turn on slippery roads.

    This was probably filmed following the ice storm that we had this past winter, when the streets were like greased glass. It was weather that no one should attempt to drive in, particularly not on the steep streets of Seattle without any snow tires.

    But at least it furnishes some amusement.

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  5. Actually I believe this took place in Portland a few years ago.

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