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Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 23:40 | Posted in Canada, smoking | Leave a comment

What would be the first thing you expect to see when you enter a tobacconist’s shop? It is not vegetables, fruit or milk but rather cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other tobacco products. The problem in Nova Scotia is that you are not likely to see those things at a tobacconist’s in Nova Scotia because the province has a silly anti smoking regulation which says that tobacco products must be kept out of sight under the counter.

Bob Gee, with Mader’s Tobacco Store in Kentville, has been charged by a provincial inspector for violations against tobacco laws. Gee comments to the CBC:

Our business is 95 per cent tobacco, and they’re basically telling me by charging me that I’m guilty of doing my job.

Considering that smoking is still legal and so is buying and selling tobacco to adults, you would not think that an adult entering a tobacco store could spontaneously come to buy a pack of cigarettes just because cigarettes are visible in the shop. They probably entered the shop in the first place in the sole purpose of buying fags.

This is a typical piece of legislation which can only have been thought out by bureaucrats and voted for by politicians who have little or no connection with what others call a real life. A government practised by the people for the people would have thrown a bill like this one where it belongs: into a wastepaper basket.


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