In anticipation of Euro 2008

Thursday, June 5, 2008 at 0:51 | Posted in entertainment, Euro-2008, football, Sports | 4 Comments

It is less than three days to kickoff of the prime time entertainment season also known as the Euro 2008 football tournament. My relationship to football is very selective. I only watch the best games there are to be seen which is the Euro and World Cup tournaments.

The first game between Switzerland and the Czech Republic is going to be played on Saturday evening so there is still some time to bring beer and snacks to the kitchen. It is also advisable to use these last pre-tournament days to get any unavoidable work done so that no boring duties are going to interfere in the major goal of seeing all those goals, swearing over incompetent refereeing and admiring the great art of Italian movie.

Having a friendly recreational and non-commercial pool contest is by now a tradition in context of international football events. This years pool is hosted by Thomas. It is open for everybody to join but you had better hurry if you are interested because there is room for just 300 players.

Incidentally, I seem to be the first person to sign up whih is why I am leading the contest at this moment, probably for the first and last time: 😛


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  1. cant wait for euro. Forza Italia!!

  2. I’ll probably be watching a fair bit, too, but that’s because my youngest son and his mates are obsessed with the game….

  3. Unlike ice-hokey, football does not make me glue my eyes on the screen. The game is so much slower that I am able to read my e-mails and post short notes without missing anything of importance. My obsession is very limited with both football and ice-hockey. I do not follow regular leagues but just major international tournaments (whereby Norway was a positive surpriser in the ice-hockey World Champ tournament). 🙂

  4. […] football at home Who would want to go to a crowded Vienna when one can have all the fun in the privacy of one’s own living […]

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