The ball is round

Saturday, June 7, 2008 at 21:37 | Posted in Euro-2008, football, Sports | 2 Comments

Switzerland certainly had plenty of chances to score in the opening game of Euro 2008 but Czech Republic utilized the best chance they had. The ball is round and the goals almost scored do not count although the Swiss team had so many of those that they would have deserved an equalizer. They sought it desperately, almost too much so. They were certainly unlucky but a little bit more of organized effort just may have helped them pull off.

The game was entertaining and offered a great deal off fine football but nothing extraordinary splendid. Winning this game was essential for the Czechs in terms of surviving in the tournament. Portugal and Turkey are no doubt the favorites to proceed from group A. They are about to face each other in half an hour, a game I am definitely going to watch.

I have yet to score in Thomas’s pool but I hope to do so in next game which is why I do not yet disclose my prediction.

Edit: Now that the entries are closed for Portugal vs. Turkey I detect that I am the only one to bid for Turkey. It is Portugal 2 Turkey 3.



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  1. […] Edit: Loevad ainult reaalselt löödud väravad, kahjuks. Sveits oleks ettevõtmise poolest viigivärava ära teeninud kuib pall on ikka ümmargune. […]

  2. […] to expect but the incident passed unnoticed by the referee. So I was by no means sorry to witness my pool bid ultimately screwed up by this […]

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