A game without passion

Monday, June 9, 2008 at 0:04 | Posted in Euro-2008, football, Sports | 9 Comments

Football games between Germany and Poland have all preconditions to become something similar to ice-hockey games between Finland and Sweden (apart from the fact that score record throughout the years in those hockey games is much more even). I was therefore surprised to note how little passion each of the two teams invested in the game. It looks like everybody expected Germany to win, including the Polish team and it was just a question of playing off the 90 minutes to the inevitable result.

The Germans played well, no question about that, but they did not put their heart in the game. It looked very much like 9 to 5 football. It was very odd to observe that player of the game Lukas Podolski did almost not at all celebrate his two goals: just as if scoring a goal at each half was something of a routine performance of a bureaucrat working in the office from 9 to 5.

Poland was somewhat in the game until the second goal. A consolation goal would have made my pool record look better but I have no objection to the outcome. The next game against Austria is crucial for Poland but they have to try harder than today to pull it off.



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  1. you know why he was not celebrating?
    because he was born in Poland, his grandmother and girlfreind are Polish. That was why he wasn’t celebrating.
    But it’s true. He asked many times to plau for Poland. But he was denied. Now he burried Poland. And that is some lesson for us…
    yes. I’m Polish 😦

  2. I agree that Podolski must have mixed feelings about defeating Poland but he is a professional footballer nevertheless. But it is not just about Podolski: all of the German team left a vague impression playing well but not full hearted. This was of course the first game and it left much to improve for both teams.

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  4. i hope our team will awake, but not start the second game too impatiently.
    I hope to see Guereiro from the first minutes, and some good offensive tactics, with much attention to middle line and defence. (hehe)

  5. You are in the (un)fortunate position of having your team in the tournament while I can watch it from a bit of distance. The conventional wisdom would say that Poland is going to win Austria but the ball is round and a conventional wisdom may be made a ridicule within 90 minutes. That is incidentally why I like football. 😉

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  7. what you will say now? im speechless… 😦
    it’s just ain’t fair.

  8. The ball is round. 😉

  9. OK, to be honest with you, Poland did play better than Austria but they had bad luck with the penalty being whistled in the last minute,. The penalty as such was justified.

    Now Poland needs to win their last game. March, march, Dombrowski! 😉

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