My day in court

Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 19:52 | Posted in Legal, Personal | 3 Comments

I spent most of today in court, sued by the City of Helsinki, also counter suing the city. The issue as such is of little substantial importance but principles sometimes cost as well. Once in a while somebody needs to stand up and defend their rights in the interest of the general public.

My first choice lawyer was unable to attend due to a considerable geographical distance which is why I did not even ask him. I hope he still considers himself as my first choice in German jurisdiction and geographical locations convenient for himself. Not that I would expect to be sued or sue in Germany or nearby.

My local lawyer made a splendid performance. He displayed an outstanding ability to make difference between relevant and irrelevant without failing to point out the most essential arguments of my case. I am glad to say that we had a very good mutual understanding in and outside the courtroom. Half a word or even an unspoken gesture prompted an adequate response in our mutual performance.

The court is expected to issue a ruling within two weeks. Should it be against me, I am very likely to appeal. I presume the same goes for the counterpart.

Apart from the actual court room drama, I suffered a significant loss. My laptop worked fine until near the lunch break. There was a wifi network which allowed me to reply a couple of e-mails and consult my notes during the proceedings. But just before the lunch I detected that the battery was dead although I thought I was using the AC.

I was unable to charge the battery during the break and I just had to make it without my computer during the afternoon. The judge was understanding about the unfortunate fact that I had no access to my preliminary notes when I was in the witness box myself. This might have been a blessing in disguise, though, because the cross examination might have gotten some unnecessary fuel if I had testified everything that was recorded in the memo on my hard drive. 🙂

At home I discovered that not only is the battery empty, in addition to that the laptop is unable to get any cord power. I hope the only reason for this is that the wire looks somewhat suffered. I need to take a trip to computer junkey yard ASAP and hope it is just he cord. Meanwhile I am unable to post screen capture pictures from the Euro 2008 matches as my desktop lacks some of the essential software.

As for the case per say, I prefer to wait out the court ruling before commenting it. I wonder, however, how come a witness managed to produce a third person onto an meeting where I remember that only the witness and myself
were present. And could her testimony have something to do with her unsolicited statement that she would not have been legally entitled to fire me without presence of her boss? Which was not even an issue at the trial.


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  1. […] suffred another significant computer mishap this morning apart from my laptop being unaccessible for a week. As I was trying to fix a driver bug with my wireless USB adapter, the system crashed […]

  2. You broke the smoking ban, didn’t you?

  3. No, there is a smoking cabin in the court house and the judge allowed two breaks, one of them for lunch so I did not have to smoke in his court room. 😉

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