Who is to proceed?

Sunday, June 15, 2008 at 3:24 | Posted in Euro-2008, football, Sports | Leave a comment

The Euro 2008 tournament is about to proceed into the interesting phase where you have a hunch who is going to be promoted to quarter finals from each of the groups. While the greatest surprises may still remain to be seen, some of the groups look like pretty settled by now.

In group A Portugal is certain to proceed while there is no way for Switzerland to be promoted. Ergo, the game between Switzerland and Portugal has no importance and Turkey and the Czech Republic settle the second place in their mutual game. Both need to win and I have a hunch it is going to be Turkey although this might be one of those surprises to be seen.

Croatia does not necessarily need to win Poland in group B but Germany loosing to Austria would be a long shot. So it is Croatia against Turkey or the Czech Republic in one quarter final and Portugal against Germany in the other.

The Netherlands are already certain to win group C but judging from their hitherto performance they are not very likely to help out Romania. This tournament already smells a bit like the orange revolution of 1988. It could go either way between France and Italy, I would give a slight advantage to Italy.

In group D Spain do not need to win but they would be very unlikely to loose, baring in mind that they certainly do not want to face the Netherlands in the quarter final. This would leave it for Russia and Sweden to make up the second place. A draw would be sufficient for Sweden which would give them a slight advantage, baring in mind their defensive approach to the game and the fact that Russia need to win and would eventually have to take chances if the game is still tied in the second half.

This would make the second half of quarter finals as follows: the Netherlands vs. Sweden (or Russia) and Spain vs Italy (or France). Remains to be seen if this could lead to a final between Portugal and the Netherlands which would at the moment look like the two teams who deserve to be there.


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