What a game!

Monday, June 16, 2008 at 0:19 | Posted in Euro-2008, football, Sports | 2 Comments

A splendid come-back by Turkey and loads of dramatics. What we saw was the best of football. It is not over until it is over. What a game and what a match hero in Nihat Kahveci.

Sending out Volkan Demirel was a harsh call by the referee although justifiable by the rules. The Turks were ever so lucky that the ball was out of the pitch at the moment. Turkey is going to have a very hard day in the quarter final against Croatia with so many players excluded, including their number one goalie. But they have already survived a hopeless situation twice in this tournament so I would not be surprised if they pulled it through for a third time, against all odds.

In the other group A game, Portugal seemed to have a day off in an unimportant match, thus allowing the Swizz hosts to celebrate in front of their home audience. And they played well, too.

I am sure we are going to see a far more effective Portugal in the quarter final, presumably against Germany.



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  1. Let’s see that Turkey does a Greece or Denmark this time?

  2. That could happen but I still have not given up the idea about Orange Revolution II. ūüôā

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