A collapsing World record

Tuesday, June 17, 2008 at 20:46 | Posted in firefox, internet | 2 Comments

Firefox 3 was allegedly launched about 45 minutes ago. The launch has been marketed as a bid to make a World record on number of downloads during 24 hours.

Just as I suspected, I have been unable to even access the site for the last half hour, much less downloading anything. It does not matter whether I try firefox.com, mozilla.com or click to the e-mail link the campaign sent me. Linking to the site would be pointless right now.

If you want to make a World record as a marketing fuzz, you need to have a World record holding server park. Otherwise you just create a World record of collapse and customer frustration.

Edit: I just managed to access the Mozilla blog. Melissa Shapiro writes that the 24 hours will be clocked at the moment they consider their servers hold up. Those fortunate souls who have managed to get the goody through mirror sites apparently do not count for the record but everybody trying desperately to access the official site certainly count for a frustration World record.


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  1. I had no problems accessing and downloading, but I might be a bit late to the table.
    But what is the big deal with Firefox 3? Browsers are really not my strong field, although of course Explorer is off limits;-)

  2. I made my pledge to participate in this fuzz before loosing access to my laptop and also before my desktop crashed. Now I am ironically unable to install the downloaded goodie because some packages in my interrime Ubuntu 6.06 are outdated. This is eventually going to be sorted out as I make a clean install direct to Ubuntu 8.04 but in the mean time I installed Opera 9.5 which is clearly better than Opera used to be when I used it as a first choice browser a couple of years ago. I’ll probably use Opera 9.5 and Firefox 3 in parallel once my desktop is stable to find out which one I like more.

    I’ll get back to your other question (mailed in private) in a few hours. Got to go off line. 🙂

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