Belgium sues Sweden for Big Brother law

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The Belgian Privacy Commission intends to sue Sweden in the European Court after Sweden adopted legislation allowing their military intelligence service FRA to monitor without explicite court order all phone and web communications passing the Swedish borders. Here is a Belgian TV news story about the Swedish legislation and the outrage it has prompted among Belgian privacy advocates (via projO).

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Finland’s largest e-mail service provider Sonera Finland moved in April 2008 the accounts of their Finnish customers back to Finland from the joined Sweden based servers of Telia-Sonera. “We decided to move Sonera’s e-mail services back to Finland in order to protect the privacy of our Finnish customers. After the migration, e-mails sent from one Finn to another will not cross Finland’s borders at any stage”, says Juha-Pekka Weckström, Senior Vice President of TeliaSonera Broadband Services Finland.

A major part of international calls and web connections in Finland and Estonia are routed through Sweden. While the Swedish legislation has passed almost unnoticed and undebated in Estonia, Finnish MP Jyrki Kasvi tabled a written parliamentary question to the Minister of Telecommunications asking what the government intend to do to protect the privacy of Finnish citizens, residents and businesses. The freshly adopted Swedish legislation provides the Swedish military intelligence a multitude of access to telecommunications of Finns and Estonians that the Finnish and Estonian intelligence agencies dare not even dream of.

Sweden’s Pirate Party leader Rick Falkvinge has a good post in English explaining the details of the Swedish Big Brother law.



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