Euro 2008 keeps surprising

Sunday, June 22, 2008 at 2:35 | Posted in Euro-2008, football, Sports | Leave a comment

What do you know! I was pretty sure that Holland would have made it to half finals. I sort of expected the orange revolution of 1988 to repeat itself which is obviously not going to happen. Then again, there would be no point in following a tournament if no major surprises took place.

It was not a great game but a quite enjoyable one to watch. Guus Hiddink seems to have brought a Dutch sort of tactical approach to the game which combined with the traditional hard physical training of the Russian team eventually made the difference. I would not have believed this before the tournament but I have to admit that Russia deserved to get to the half final.

Another thriller to be expected tomorrow when Spain and Italy decide the other part of that half final. It may not be that enjoyable to watch, especially if Italy scores the first goal. No way am I going to miss the game, though.

I am not placing bets for real money this time but if you ask me hypotethically, I would say that the champ is going to be either Turkey or Germany, which ever wins that half final. But I must apologize to German and Turkish supporters for saying so because I have mistaken so many times during Euro 2008. It is a tournament full of surprises.


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