YouTube and privacy

Tuesday, July 15, 2008 at 16:53 | Posted in Legal, privacy, youtube | Leave a comment

Viacom, MTV and other litigants give up their demand to get access to all YouTube users’ viewing history, IP’s and user names included. I for one would have been more than annoyed if such details about my usage had been handed over. Not that I have anything to be afraid of copyrightwise or otherwise. I just do not like the idea of somebody peeking over my shoulder. My user name makes me identifiable in the real life as my account includes a number of clips where I appear with my own face and voice. I strongly dislike the idea that somebody could connect my viewing history to my real person.

In an earlier post YouTube explained why they keep IP records in the first place:

Why do we keep this information in the first place? It helps us personalize the YouTube experience, getting you closer to the videos you most want to watch. We have many features on the site that help users discover and share compelling content, and we’re improving the video experience through recommendations, related videos, and personalized directories that help you find meaningful videos.

Well, thanks but no thanks! I am quite happy to “personalize” my YouTube experience all by myself. I have no problem using the search function to find the contents that I am interested in. So if that is the only reason for keeping IP records, I am not convinced.

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