Happy birthday Nelson Mandela

Friday, July 18, 2008 at 0:01 | Posted in History | 4 Comments

Image: African National Congress

I was just a kid when Nelson Mandela was arrested and when he was released from Robben Island, I was a man at my best age (physically). “Free Nelson Mandela” was a regular outcry at quite a lot of meetings I attended. I signed a number of petitions with those words and eventually, he was released.

There is no need for me to tell what he accomplished during those years when he could have just retired and nobody would have blamed him for that. But he did not retire until the time was right to do so. Nelson Mandela is an extraordinary man!

This extraordinary man is 90 today. His health may not be as good as I would wish but his mind is still bright. He is still going strong. Nelson Mandela is being celebrated by millions today. Even the BBC made an audio slide show to honor him.

So what can I say that others more prominent than I have not already said? Maybe I have nothing original to say but this comes right from the bottom of my heart: HAPPY BIRTHDAY NELSON MANDELA!



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  1. Nelson Mandela, is truely a symbol of several generations of fighters for justice, freedom and equal rights for all; he is an example for all, with his peacefull acts, after going out of prison.
    My simple recognition and great appreciation of his caracter, goes directly to send to him my wishes of a best day, with joy, health, family and friends.
    Happy birthday Mr Nelson Mandela!!!

  2. So well said!

    Why are there not more ‘Nelson Mandelas’ though? It would be so good for the world if he wasn’t so rare . . . . . .

    Url: http://catchthevision.wordpress.com

  3. Mandela is a true icon, and one to look to as an inspiration for all of us. But I wish that someone else would lead the celebration concerts than Will and Jada Pinket Smith. Somehow the rich and the wealthy are standing in the way, and I wish that a street kid from Soweto could head the celebrations. Mandela musn’t drown in the baskings of the ass lickers.

  4. I did not watch those concerts since I do not understand much about music but it sure would have been a good idea to have a street kid presenter.

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