Cuil seems to like me

Monday, July 28, 2008 at 23:38 | Posted in internet | 5 Comments
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The new search engine Cuil seems to like me while I do not particularly like Cuil. The developers of the engine, all former Google employees, say they are out to capture Google’s leading position but I am less than impressed. The interface is somewhat confusing.

The engine misses what I like most about Google: Google’s search results are presented compactly and you get an idea with the first look about the relevance of the links and also where they come from. Cuil spreads the results allover the screen and you need to look real close to detect the source which is annoying for somebody who is critical about their sources, i.e. a journalist.

What did I mean by saying that Cuil seems to like me? Both Thomas and StoiBär have tried to search their own blogs in Cuil but all they get back is my references to them. Gosh, I had no idea I was so popular. Either I am over ranked at Cuil or it is because I cuiled myself early this morning and maybe that search somehow effected their statistics about popular searches.

Then again, that would obviously be a real bad bug and startups do not have such bugs undetected when they launch up. Or do they?

Edit: Bug or no bug, Cuil also seems to have a serious capacity problem. Does not look good at all.


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  1. They should name it “Larko Search”. No matter what I search, I get your blog as a result. 😀

  2. Guess what… even when I search Larko there’s Larko.

  3. “Atze Schröder” is by all means one of the most popular searches bringing traffic to this blog but I am not ranked as high in a Google search for Atze. By searching me you obviously make me even more popular. 🙂 Thanks!

    Maybe I should ask Cuil to pay me a comission for usage of my good name. Want to take the case, Thomas? 😛

  4. Yes, of course :-D.

  5. […] peamiselt minu blogi viited nende omadele. Thomas läks isegi nii kaugele, et poolenisti naljaga tegi ettepaneku Cuil Larko Searchiks ümber […]

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