Olympics opened: two accounts

Saturday, August 9, 2008 at 3:48 | Posted in China, Sports | 7 Comments

I did not bother to watch the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics but I just read two different accounts of it. I leave it for everybody to decide which one is more accurate: the polite version by AFP or the more feet on Earth coverage by ChinaBounder.


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  1. see the videos of the opening ceremony Beijing 2008



  2. I watched the opening ceremonies. I always watch them. They fascinate me. They’re always propaganda extravaganzas, no matter where the games are held. The difference with China is that China inspries strong and mixed feelings in much of the world.

    I think the massive numbers of people working in synchrony was impressive, but was perhaps just the image to make international viewers uneasy. The best publicity moment for China, I thought, was the simple image of Yao Ming and the diminutive survivor of the recent Szechuam earthquakes coming into the arena together leading the Chinese athletes, chatting amiably. It’s the individual that moves the human heart.

  3. I regret for not having recorded the link but I just read somewhere yesterday that a part of the televised spectacle would have been prerecorded in an animation studio. Which can, of course, be just illwilling hearsay.

  4. There is a report on NPR that says there was indeed computer animation special effects added to the Beijing opening ceremonies.


  5. Thanks for the link! I’ll listen to it as soon as I am done with a radio play in Estonian Radio. ūüôā

  6. So it is herewith confirmed. Just heard another rumor suggesting that one of the songs would have been on playback. Maybe but that would not be very important.

  7. Just as I thought: Thomas and StoiBär have the story about the playback performance of a seven year old kid.

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