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I do usually not sign web petitions. There has to be a very good reason if I am going to make an exception. In a moment ago I made an exception of my general policy and signed a web petition to support Georgia. The petition reads as follows:

To:  U.S. Congres, European Parliament, United Nations

The hereby signers, are making a statement to express our support to the Republic of Georgia, currently being attacked by the Russian Federation, we are making a call to the European Union, the United States of America, and all peoples and nations of the world to repulse the current aggressions being performed by the Russian military lead by president Dmitry Medvedev and prime minister Vladimir Putin; our plead is to call the nations of the world and all International Organizations, to demand an immediate ceasefire and the removal of Russian troops off Georgian territories; we also call the Russian people to reject the hostilities and urge their government to return to peace.


The Undersigned

via Marko Mihkelson, MP in Estonia



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  1. It’s quite obvious in this case that the aggressor is sitting in Tbilissi. Fortunately the Russians stepped in more quickly than NATO stepped in against Belgrade a few years ago. The fact that a region is recognised as being part of your country doesn’t give a government the right to do what it wants there. It’s quite obvious that a weakened and delegitimated ruler in Tblissi needed to foment some kind of conflict. I find him less trustworthy than Putin. The words of Medvedyev and Putin regarding this conflict sound measured and credible to me. Orange pro-western forces are not really pro-western. Quite the opposite, very few countries are as european-minded as Russia, and gradually western euroepans are noticing that it is a mistake to let ourselves be dragged into anti-russian positions by such cheap rhetoric as what we are hearing now from the planners of the artillery agression against the ossetian capital.

  2. Since you obviously rely on a total different set of facts and assessments than I do, I find no point in trying to discuss the matter with you. It is not very fruitful to discuss shades of gray with somebody whose black is your own white.

  3. Thanks for the courteous response and for letting my lines stand in your forum. I used to see the soviet union as an evil empire until a few years after Gorbaciov took over, and I also learned Russian under those impressions, where it was a language associated to various nightmares. But it was also always a country of great culture, and thus never completely black. Nowadays it is gray like any country, and there is no reason for upholding the mental iron curtain that Sakashvili and others appear to be appealing to. Doing so is in fact very damaging. This has btw been forcefully argued by some authors like Peter Scholl-Latour or Helmut Schmidt in Germany, and there are indications that Angela Merkel seems to be getting the message as well. A good source of information on these matters is

  4. Hartmut, while I realize that our views are as opposite as can be, I naturally respect your right to have an opinion different than my own. Deleting a comment just because I disagree is not my style. I very much believe in freedom of speech.

  5. GEORGIA!!!! go georgia \.. <3333 i love you goergia and tbilisi!!! please help.. if you see this BUSH.

  6. From Portugal, the blog IdeiasFixas2 gives his total suport to Georgia!

    Georgia will prevail!!

    Nice blog!

  7. I will copy this post. I hope you dont mind.

    Thank you!

  8. we are supporting GEORGIA

  9. Larko, it’s strengible that you make such petitions but dont want to know enough… Why you dont comment facts that Georgia destroyed Tshinvali? Why you say that Russia is agressor and dont speak about killing 2000 people in Ossetia?
    I hope you have enough honesty to see this:…h? v=y4GupIr83Js…h? v=LhFPcNxybIs…h? v=o98uyHb1c6U…h? v=mBMQufrBWdg
    and many other video and make comments in your blog

  10. I’m Georgian living abroad. I just wanted to thank every single person around the world who’ve shown support to Georgia.
    I’m absolutly shocked and deeply dissapointed by the reaction of the russina people!
    I grew up in soviet times and remeber how much i believed in rightnes of communism myself. well, it’s obvious, russia is still living in it.
    Marko Mihkelson – God bless You

  11. John, it is a bit bizarre that you use the word “truth” in this context, since the number 2000 you are quoting is widely exaggerated. If you are interested in getting closer to truth, just look here and here. That said, both sides did indeed make mistakes. The Georgians may have allowed themselves to be provoked but the Russian reaction was way out of proportion.

  12. Well, future will show what is the real number of killed civilians.
    “Attacks in Tskhinvali

    When Human Rights Watch entered Tskhinvali on August 13, the city was largely deserted. Human Rights Watch researchers saw numerous apartment buildings and houses damaged by shelling. Some of them had been hit by rockets most likely fired from Grad launchers, weapons that should not be used in areas populated by civilians, as they cannot be directed at only military targets and are therefore inherently indiscriminate. Also, Human Rights Watch saw several buildings that bore traces of heavy ammunition as if fired from tanks at close range. There was some evidence of firing being directed into basements, locations where civilians frequently choose as a place of shelter. ”
    Its from your link, Larko
    I hope, you saw in YouTube’ videos attack of Georgian’ Grad systems…
    Georgia have began the war. Do you agreed that those people who began the war and make an order to attack the city by Grad systems are criminals?

  13. Quoting a part of the record is an old trick. If you read all of the report you will get another sort of picture.

    By the way, what are Russian troops still doing in Georgia? President Medvedev promised they would withdraw which they have not. They are occupying large areas in Georgia, capturing weapons and demolishing infrastructure. Is President Medvedev not in command over the troops? The EU and OSCE planned, accepted by both Tbilisi and Moscow, called for immediate withdrawal of troops to positions which were status quo prior to the conflict. The Georgian troops have complied, the Russian have not.

  14. Change of the theme is more old trick. Lets make step by step…
    1) Do you agreed that Georgia began a war?
    2) Do you agreed that georgian troops attacked Tshinvali by Grad systems? (hint: here is the _german_ reportage of attacking Tshinvali, video of fire of georgian Grad systems:
    and I citated words about city, deserted by illegal weapon.
    Please, answer this two questions.

  15. Hey, it is my blog. I call the shots here, not you. If you have a problem with that, why don’t you post in your own blog whatever you want.

    Russia provoked Georgia for a long time and they went for it, unfortunately. However, the Russian response was way out of proportion and it still is. Despite all the promises, Russia has not so far fulfilled the truce. UN aid workers have been intimidated in Gori and they are not being granted access to the areas where help is most needed. Most importantly, Russian troops have not made a single move to fulfill the pledge to withdraw, on the contrary they are widening their presence.

  16. this is not going to end any time soon, russians are not going o move out any time soon.
    what are they trying to achieve if not going into Tbilisi?
    this is so painful.
    only explanaion i can find that russians are waiting fro some provocation and then start bombing tbilisi and all, reasning georgians broke the ceasefire agreement. for how long georgians are going to stay calm having russian tanks controling the roads?
    and we, georgians, need to wake up and accept, no one is going to come to help. this is going to be a long, painful road downhill…

  17. […] kohta, et isegi minu postitusi võetakse vaevaks venemeelse disinformatsiooniga risustamas käia (siin ja siin). Otsingusõnadest on siiski näha, et enamus lugejatest ikkagi Gruusiat toetavaid […]

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