Is it an agony?

Monday, August 25, 2008 at 19:20 | Posted in life | Leave a comment

via Gerd and Apartment Therapy Los Angeles

This sign has apparently been posted in an appartement building by an annoyed (or perhaps frustrated) neighbor. Can it really be an agony to hear sound proof of the existance of carnal life at your neighbors? I do not think so.

I have fortunately gotten rid of the real annoyances among my neighbors. Like the guy three floor above who could stay sober and quiet for a month or two but then out of the blue he drank himself stupid and at an inevitable stage of his intoxication he picked up his acoustic guitar and strted playing with full volume. It could last anything between 10 minutes or 10 hours until he eventually fell off. To be fair I must admit that he played pretty well but that is of little consolation at three in the morning if you went to bed for half an hour ago or were sitting at your computer writing a story.

Did we try to talk to our musical neighbor? We sure did but it was less than useful because he was sober when addressed about the issue. He naturally admitted and apologized and promised never to do it again. And he kept that promise until he was no longer sober. Enough of us eventually became fed up and so the guitar playing occasional drunkie had to move away. I was never asked to sign the petition and I do honestly not know if I would have.

During the 15 years I have lived at my present location I have had all sorts of noisy neighbors, including those who are not happy with the surface of their flat. Sounds of nail hacking and hole drilling have been on and off at all hours of the day. Those were agonies at the time but fortunately all of the repair happy neighbors are all done with their flats here and they have sought and found themselves another appartment to hack and drill in.

As for somewhat audible sex, I take it as a part of life, a happy part, I might add. I am happy for my neighbors who are having a good time. They are in the most part not athletic enough to carry on for extensive periods of time. At least I know that I would not be likely to face complaints for the same reason if it went to that.

Which I sure hope it did a bit more often. ūüėČ


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