Chrome not available for Linux

Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at 1:02 | Posted in browsers, computer, google, internet, linux | 4 Comments

Google have launched their open source browser called Chrome. Or short of launched, at least. It is funny that an open source browser is not available for the true open source environment. I hear that Chrome is not going to support Linux until it leaves beta.

Judging from the history of other Google apps, it may well take months or even years before I am going to get a chance to acquire first hand user experience of Chrome. Which is a pity as much of what they have cooked sounds like a treat. Not that I would be unhappy with Firefox. It is the best browser in the World until proven otherwise.

This comic book tells you all you ever wanted to know about Chrome and probably a lot more as well.


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  1. All those tech geek nerds seem to have Windows all of a sudden. 😎

  2. I have considered many of them as probable suspects for a long time but most of them have not incriminated themselves until now. 🙂

  3. Take a look here: in spanish but the link: (enlace) describes how to build the Chromium browser in Linux.

  4. Thanks, Mark, but this looks more like a developer’s toolkit than an actual browser. I am not just geek enough to mess around with it. It may be cool for somebody who enjoys getting in the depths but I am happy to wait out an official release which can be expected to be somewhat reliable.

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